Wednesday November 29, 2023
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The MIW Mildred Carter Mentoring Program's Class of 2023

MIW announces Mildred Carter Mentoring Program Class of 2023

The annual program matches up-and-coming women in radio with female leaders in the industry

Genelec, 4430, Queen Silvia Concert Hall, Lilla Akademien, powered speakers

Genelec speakers outfit Queen Silvia’s Concert Hall

Genelec supplies speakers to Queen Silvia's Concert Hall in Stockholm

CRA and Triton to launch Podcast Metrics Demos+

The detailed metrics allow a deeper understanding of podcast listeners in Australia

A picture of Pedro Mendes wearing headphones and smiling

Inside Podcasting: For the love of sound

“The greatest challenge I have faced is freeing myself from the comfort of narration and letting sound tell the story”

Lawo to discontinue some audio products

The company says the end of life for the few products was inevitable

Siren Awards Salute “Cold Campaign”

Round 2 of Australia’s 2022 Siren Awards for excellence and creativity in commercial radio advertising should send a shiver up your spine. Wunderman Thompson, Perth, emerged the winners for a […]

Adthos Introduces AI-generated Audio Advertising

Adthos claims its latest product will revolutionize the radio industry with broadcast quality, AI-generated audio advertising. Adthos Creative Studio follows on from Ad-Server as part of the Adthos Platform, and […]

Webinar: Operationalizing Enterprise AI

Veritone is hosting a webinar AI Platforms: 10 Success Factors To Operationalize Enterprise AI  It will explore why AI models are in high demand to automate manual actions, produce insights, make […]