Wednesday March 22, 2023
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Ad Vandebeek, chairman of PXL Radio; Ben Lambrechts, general manager of PXL University College; Veerle Schuyten, head of the PXL-Media and tourism department; student Ellen Nagtegals; Bjorn Verhoeven, PXL Radio ambassador; and student Bono Marting.

Journalism students experience “live” on PXL Radio

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ new radio station gives journalism students the hands-on training they need for careers in radio broadcasting

CRA Mental Health

Commercial radio comes together for mental health

The "You’re the Voice" initiative is supported by major radio networks and was launched on the UN International Day of Happiness

Lawo's Sam Schauland

Lawo names Sam Schauland Executive V.P. North America

The appointment enables Lawo North America team to focus on growth and scalability, says firm

Tiedetrippi spotify image

Giving a voice to science

When it comes to podcasting, using a story format demands a writer’s eye and a broadcaster’s ear.

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Monday Jan. 30: In-dash display: Radio’s new revenue opportunity is easier than you think

Tuesday Jan. 31: The value of first-party data for radio audiences and revenue

Wednesday Feb. 1: Cloud and virtualization for radio operators: Why and how

Thursday Feb. 2: Why In-Car analytics and audience segmentation is key for radio programming and monetization

Friday Feb. 3: Running a lean radio business: Cutting costs without compromising quality