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conference for RADIO&AUDIO PROS
paris radio show — June 2–3, 2022

June 2–3, 2022


RedTech International, the global platform for the radio and audio industries, is delighted to invite you to our inaugural RedTech Summit. The event will take place at La Seine Musicale music and performing arts center, located on Île Seguin — island on the Seine river between Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres in the western suburbs of Paris. We’ve designed this summit from the ground up, based on feedback from chief executives and chief technology/digital officers at radio networks around the world.

The challenge for radio CEOs and CTOs

The top concern communicated to us has been the incremental nature of radio’s digital transition. CEOs and CTOs alike feel that despite their best efforts in creating a digital footprint as a response to changing audience habits, these efforts lack commitment and scale. Consequently, radio is losing share of attention to alternative platforms and in some cases, is being overlooked entirely by a new generation of consumers.

We have crafted this two-day event to uncover the practical, executable approaches to scale your content business.

Setting the stage

Imagine if radio were invented today. How would what you are providing — linear content streams broadcast from towers — fare in a world against streaming apps that provide interactivity and choices? Larry Rosin from Edison Research kicks off Day 1 with audience trends derived from the firm’s studies in markets around the world. He comments, “The data will scare anyone who is leaning on the existing radio model.”

RedTech Summit

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Larry Rosin

at Edison Research


We’ve invited the former COO of Bauer Media, Veit Dengler, to facilitate Day 1’s Strategy workshop aimed at teasing out real, practical, implementable steps to help CEOs accelerate their digital businesses — to think like content owners using the internet as their core distribution platform to every connected device.
To us it’s important for the Strategy Day facilitator to be someone at the heart of the digital transformation of a radio network — but also someone who now has some distance. The distance creates objectivity — the ability to assess where a strategy failed, lessons learned, new paths available — and the wisdom gained from experience.

Veit Dengler

ex COO Bauer Media Group.
& NZZ Media Group

The feedback we received also prompted us to dedicate an entire day (Day 2) to technology. It’s critical for CEOs and CTOs to attend both days since it’s clear that the moment you commit to being a content business distributed on the internet to every connected device, technology and software becomes a critical business enabler. The discussion on Day 2 is not about algorithms and coding — it’s about the opportunities, existing and emerging, that new technologies play in ensuring a thriving future for your business. Key facilitators, including Steve Shultis, NY Public Radio, United States; Christian Schalt, RTL, Germany; and Antonio Arcidiacono, CTO, European Broadcasting Union, will discuss the use cases and guide the conversation.

Christian Schalt

Chief Digital Officer
at RTL Radio Deutschland

Steve Shultis

at NY Public Radio

Antonio Arcidiacono

at EBU


It’s FREE to attend, so who pays?

Finally, our event is by invitation only, for CEOs and CTOs only and free of charge. To make it free, we have brought on sponsors with relevant technologies who, like on your radio stations, will have “commercial time” at the end of each session, to present their solution for five to seven minutes. You’re in radio — we know you’ll respect the commercials because they pay the bills.

What else makes the RedTech Summit different?

Our event is also different in the way we have set up the venue. We forego an auditorium style to create a roundtable. At this roundtable, you sit as equals with CEOs and CTOs from media markets across the world and debate the critical issues, managed by experienced, knowledgeable expert facilitators, who will guide each day’s deliberations to ensure a practical, implementable outcome. During the included coffee, lunch and happy hour breaks, you’ll get the opportunity to exchange ideas one on one with your peers.


Thursday 2 June

DAY 1 — Strategy Stream 

08h45–09h00 — Introductions


9h00–10h00 Opening – Contextual Presentation

The State of audio including radio, streaming and on demand in multiple markets around the world. Larry Rosin, Edison Research. 

  • What’s happening to linear, streaming and on-demand listenership in select markets around the world.
  • What’s happening to revenue for audio formats in select markets around the world.

10h00–10h10 — Refreshments

10h15–11h30 — Round Table 1

Strategy stream 

Facilitated by Veit Dengler, ex COO Bauer Media Group. Ex CEO of NZZ Media Group. Currently Veit is a Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

  • If we were inventing the business we call radio, today, it would look and sound completely different. Linear radio’s future is bleak. What must we do now to ensure a thriving future for our content businesses?
    1. Replacing your FM business model as you transition to IP
    2. Audio or video OR audio and video

11h30–11h45 — Coffee break


11h45–12h55 — Round Table 2 

Strategy stream 

Facilitated by Veit Dengler

  • Linear radio’s business model served it well in the analog era. Today’s media buyers have different expectations when trying to reach their target audiences.
    1. How does monetization of audiences and content change when your business is OTT (on IP)? 
    2. Opportunities and Pitfalls in Audience Measurement

13h00–14h00 — Lunch


Thursday 2 June

DAY 1 — Strategy Stream 

14h00–15h30 — Round Table 3 

Strategy Stream 

Facilitated by Veit Dengler

  • The content businesses we run today, with a significantly scaled up digital footprint, will require different talent, skills and processes.
    1. Talent, skills, leadership
    2. Operations
    3. Organizational structure

15:30–16h00 — Coffee Break

16h00–17h30 — Round Table 4 

Strategy stream

Facilitated by Veit Dengler

  • Scale  is key as we distribute our content online to every device. What are the options to grow our digital footprint and access large audiences?
    1. Working with your audio peer group nationally, regionally and internationally – Why should you work with them? On which issues? When should you work with them?
    2. Working with platforms – TikTok, Google, Amazon, local, regional and national platforms in your country – Why should you work with them? On which issues? When should you work with them?
    3. Regulatory regime developments – what is happening in the European vanguard?

20h00–22:30 — Dinner on a boat cruising the Seine

Friday 3 June

DAY 2 — Technology Stream

09h30–11h00 — Roundtable 1

Technology Stream: Setting the Scene

Facilitated by Antonio Arcidiacono

  • Enabling the future  - content on every device through every distribution channel and technology is the core enabler.
    1. Distribution – Technological landscape what’s available, what’s possible
    2. Platforms and devices
    3. Staying No.1 on the car dashboard.

11h00–11h30 — Coffee break


11h30-13h00 — Roundtable 2

Technology stream

Facilitated by Christian Schalt

  • Enabling the technology-driven content strategy What platforms are important and how can they work together. 
    1. Tailoring content to specific platforms and requirements
    2. Achieving scale 
    3. Going it alone vs. aggregation
    4. Strategic decision making
    5. Cross-platform audience measurement

13h00–14h00 Lunch


Friday 3 June

DAY 2 — Technology Stream

14h00-15h30 — Roundtable 3

Technology stream

Facilitated by Steve Shultis

Evolving for the future 

  • Understand your business goal and align it with your future infrastructure and staffing
  • Are studios and offices still necessary?
    1. If so, what do they look like?
    2. Studios, Offices, common meeting places: are they all the same?
  • Tech stack must be malleable for diversified talent (TikTok stars) whether at home or in-house.
  • Attracting the next generation of talent (hint: “hybrid/remote” are the magic words)
  • Cloud-based solutions are key for flexibility, scale, futureproofing and business continuity.  

15h30–15h50 — Coffee Break


15h50–16h45 — Roundtable 4

Technology stream,  Closing Presentation

Facilitated by Antonio Arcidiacono

  • New technologies for the future of our content businesses
  • What does widespread adoption of 5G mean for media operators?
  • How NFTs may have a role to play in securing the future of content businesses?

16h45–17h15 Key Takeaways

Input from facilitators and participants


17h15 Happy Hour



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