Sunday July 14, 2024
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Two people talking in a radio studio

RTL Belgium reconsiders the radio landscape

When the Belgian multimedia company redesigned its radio broadcast studios, it had to rethink what “radio” is and how to make it

Radio.Cloud KYST-AM

Radio.Cloud gets proof-of-concept with KYST

KYST(AM) stays on air during Hurricane Beryl with help of Radio.Cloud

Genelec, Iyuno, monitors

Iyuno reboots with Genelec

Paris audio post house Iyuno’s recent makeover features Genelec monitors

Wheatstone Audioarts AML-8 console

Audioarts introduces 8-channel console

The eight-channel console features modern capabilities at a reduced price

ai|coustics logo

ai|coustics releases API

This release aims to enhance workflows for audio production and broadcasting

Talpa Network main control room

Talpa Network upgrades IP broadcast infrastructure with Lawo

The upgrade establishes an audio, video and communication network using Lawo IP technologies

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International Collaborators

Kevin Emmott (Brand Manager)

With a background in content writing and communications, Kevin Emmott has been placing words next to each other for more than 25 years. Volunteering with his local hospital radio as a teenager, he worked as a sports journalist for four years before managing all marketing communications for Calrec Audio for the next 22. Having spent most of his adult life in the pro-audio and broadcast industries, and much of his adolescence listening to radio and watching television, he feels very lucky to now be working with lots of passionate people who have made a success of both.

Daryl IlburyDaryl Ilbury (Editor)

Daryl Ilbury spent almost 30 years in radio as a multi award-winning breakfast show broadcaster in both music and talk formats, program manager and talent development consultant. He is a science journalist and writer, and former business and current affairs op-ed columnist with over 250 bylines in national and international titles including “Financial Times and Sunday Times.” He is also a twice-published best-selling non-fiction author. 

Brett MossBrett Moss (Tech Editor)

Brett Moss is a writer specializing in broadcast and audio studio technologies. He has written for Radio World, Pro Audio Review, NAB Daily and, now, RedTech.


Graham Dixon

Graham Dixon was Head of Radio at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva until December 2020, having previously worked at the BBC in various editorial roles, including finally Managing Editor, BBC Radio 3. At the EBU, Graham’s responsibilities included advocacy for public media and fostering radio innovation across Europe. He studied in both Italy and Germany for his musicology PhD, and later completed an MBA, focusing on the challenges of reshaping radio production for multiplatform delivery.

Charles Flores

Charles Flores is a Maltese poet, writer, journalist and broadcaster. His professional training has taken him to the Belgrade Institute of Journalism and the Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University in New York. Following a career in print journalism, Flores went into broadcast management where he has overseen various aspects related to national broadcasting, including news, radio and TV programs, publishing sales, corporate affairs and archives.

Lawrie HalletDr. Lawrie Hallett 

Dr. Lawrie Hallett has worked in radio broadcasting for more than 30 years. From his early involvement in UK “pirate” broadcasting to several years as a broadcast regulator at Ofcom, he has at various times been a producer, presenter and broadcast engineering consultant. Lawrie currently operates a city-wide DAB multiplex in the East of England City of Norwich and teaches radio broadcasting, journalism and development at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Perhaps not surprisingly, his PhD focuses on the effective delivery of Community Radio services.

Kevin Hilton 

Kevin Hilton trained as a radio journalist, worked for BFBS Radio as a technical operator, producer and prefsenter before moving into magazine writing during the late 1980s. He has contributed interviews, reviews and features about radio, films and television to a number of technical trade and newstand titles. In recent years, he has gotten back into radio through his involvement in a RSL station where he lives on the south coast of England. 

Karen Lee 

Based in Falls Church, Virginia, Karen Lee has worked for 15 years on radio/broadcast industry publications. Her passion for publishing began all the way back in elementary school, where she wrote and illustrated original works through the school’s publishing house. She has a B.A. from the University of Virginia, with a double major in Linguistics and French and a minor in English.

Marc Maes (Contributor)

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Marc Maes is a veteran music and radio journalist. He began hosting a weekly program at a local radio station in 1980. Before joining the Dutch-language national broadcaster VRT as a reporter and music programmer, he worked as a free-lance writer for various publications including national press, industry publications and magazines. Since 1985, he has been a free-lance writer for both Belgian and leading international music, audio and broadcast publications.

Lameck Masina

Lameck Masina 

Lameck Masina is an established multimedia freelance journalist based in Blantyre, Malawi. He files for a number of international media organizations including Voice of America, Inter Press News Service, African Arguments and Zenger News. He has also reported for CNN, New African and African Business magazines.

John Masuku
John Masuku 

BBC-trained John Masuku is a veteran Zimbabwean journalist and radio trainer who has worked for both public and private media. He has profiled radio and television stations and prominent personalities as well as the impact of changing media trends in Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa since 1975.

Steve Mbogo

Steve Mbogo 

Steve Mbogo is the chief executive officer of Africa Trade News, a pan-African media outlet focused on intra-African trade and African trade with the rest of the world. Mbogo has more than 20 years of experience in print and online media. He also runs KenyaINTEL, an information agency focused on helping investors reduce risk exposure by providing human-source due diligence research and official document verification. 

Davide Moro

Davide Moro 

Radio enthusiast since childhood, at the age of seven Davide Moro began as a radio presenter at his town’s local station. After receiving a Master of Science in engineering, Davide worked for Telecom Italia and Italian public broadcaster, RAI. Based in Bergamo, Italy, he now spends his time as a broadcast consultant for radio stations and equipment manufacturers, specializing in project management, network design and field measurement.

Emmanuelle Pautler

Based in Paris, Emmanuelle Pautler has worked in the radio industry for over 30 years. She has held posts as both a producer and presenter for French stations, such as Radio Notre Dame and Radio France’s France Culture. In addition to being involved with academic research and EU consulting in Brussels, she specializes in print journalism and client relations for the broadcast and music trade press.