Friday December 8, 2023
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Grace Kantchentche interviewing a waste picker at Mzedi dumpsite in Blantyre

Capital Radio amplifies voices for people living on dumpsites

A Malawi radio station has a remarkable approach to storytelling that bridges the gap between people living on the fringes and those responsible for waste management

RLV La Radio a Colori, Italy, community radio, Christmas

RLV La Radio a Colori pitches public Christmas campaign

Is organizing an Advent calendar-based charity push to support local public assistance organizations

Lawo, crystal, radio consoles

Lawo to get crystal clear in Barcelona

Lawo plans on highlighting its crystal console at next year’s ISE 2024 trade show

AdLarge, Tom Brady

Brady joins AdLarge

Audio ad sales veteran Tom Brady has joined ad sales company AdLarge

Sonifex founder Paul Brooke

Sonifex founder Paul Brooke passes away

Brooke built Sonifex into a thriving international broadcast manufacturer

college radio, campus radio, International Student Broadcasting Championship, ISBC

Tigers roar at ISBC

The International Student Broadcasting Championship has announced the winners of its 2023 competition

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Everything Radio and Digital Audio

A week dedicated to radio and audio industry trends and technology

Day 1 — Jan. 29

Audio’s Place in the Connected Dash

  • Key topics
  • The evolving landscape of in-car media
  • Making the in-vehicle experience simpler, smarter, safer and more enjoyable
  • Leveraging new technologies to engage audiences in this new, multimedia environment.
  • How data analytics provides unique insights into listening behavior

Day 2 — Jan. 30

Protecting Your Digital Operations

  • How to protect your operations from online risks
  • How stations can recover from an attack
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data security
  • Employee training
  • Vendor security assessment
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Collaboration among industry peers to develop best practices

Day 3 — Jan. 31

Studio Project Planning

Speakers RadioWeek 2024

  • Designing and setting up an effective and efficient radio studio
  • CAPEX vs. OPEX
  • Using virtual interfaces for workflow
  • Deep dive into trends and workflows for big and small studio operations
  • What’s necessary, what’s expendable
  • Hybrid studio design – for onsite and remote operations

Day 4 — Feb. 1

Ethics in the use of AI in radio production


Day 5 — Feb. 2

UNESCO — Breaking the Sound Barrier

RadioWeek 2024 Day 5 Speakers


  • Celebrating World Radio Day 2024
  • How radio can connect with help communities connect with each other
  • Groundbreaking moments  in the industry
  • Ideas for radio stations to connect during WRD 2024
  • Reflecting on radio’s role in society