Sunday September 26, 2021

Kenya’s Classic105 Goes Clear With Lawo

Kenya's Classic105 installs Lawo crystalCLEAR mixing setup.

Barix Releases New IP Audio Client Firmware

Barix has released the V2 7.0 update for Exstreamer M400 and IP Former.

AIMS Reveals Speaker Lineup For IP Oktoberfest 2021

AIMS has revealed the speaker lineup for IP Oktoberfest 2021

Triton Digital Releases US Podcast Report For August

Triton Digital has released the latest U.S. Podcast Report for the Aug 2021 reporting period

AVT Now Integrates Ravenna

The MAGIC RAVENNA® module is now available for selected AVT systems

Barix Launches Exstreamer M400 IP Audio Decoder

The new Barix Exstreamer M400 comes with expanded processing power, security and technology standards, including Opus and AES67

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