Friday December 9, 2022
Brandy Radio Contact FM

Still in Contact after 15 years

France’s Contact FM called on Brandy to update its sonic identity with a new package of jingles and beds

Bauer Media Audio appoints new CFO/COO

Lucy Thomas will officially join the company in May 2023

Targetspot reaches into MENA

The company now has a presence in nearly 15 countries

Lawo announces passing of founder Peter Lawo

The committed engineer and entrepreneur founded today's Lawo AG in 1970

RedTech Briefing: Larry Rosin, Edison Research

Edison Research has been taking the temperature of the radio industry in the United States since the 1990s. There is no-one more qualified than Larry Rosin, Edison’s president and cofounder, to comment on where radio in the U.S. is today

Why Stations Should Make Use Of The Cloud

Day 4 of UNESCO Remote Radio Week included a discussion on “Why Should Radio Broadcasters Make Use of the Cloud.” The session focused on radio and the cloud and looked at the advantages of using the cloud along with things