Tuesday June 18, 2024
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Inovonics releases new firmware for 611 and 677

Inovonics has announced new firmware releases for the 611 streaming monitor and the 677 Triple Tune

WorldDAB Automotive 2024 - Jacqueline Bierhorst

WorldDAB Automotive 2024 urges action

The conference urged broadcasters to define common strategies

Triton Digital

Triton opens Paris office

Digital audio business analytics specialist Triton Digital has opened an office in Paris

Lawo, Royal FM

Rwanda’s Royal FM chooses Lawo

Royal FM in Kigali, Rwanda, updates studios with Lawo Virtual Radio System

DTS, Xperi

Radio remains “crucial,” but…

According to a just released report from DTS, “Radio remains crucial while video and gaming surge in-vehicle”

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A robot hand grabbing an old fashioned mic

AI in news threatens trust

AI is a tempting tool for cash-strapped broadcasters, but it risks destroying something sacrosanct between broadcaster and listener: trust. Some major players are taking a stand that should inspire others to be more responsible