Friday June 14, 2024
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StreamGuys offers midrolls webinar in June

The company will be conducting a mid-rolls ad webinar aimed at streamers and podcasters next week, June 19, 10 a.m. Pacific time

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AI in radio — looking beyond the hype

It’s exciting to experiment with AI in radio, but decisions have consequences

Screenshot of a software interface

LAMA brings NDI networking to audio creators

The LAMA NDI Virtual Soundcard is a free 16 x 16 AoIP software interface that delivers low-latency multi-channel audio over standard IP networks

DAB+, digital radio, Friuli Venezia Giulia DAB, Col Gaiardin, Italy

NE Italy gets new DAB+ network

In northeast Italy the Friuli Venezia Giulia DAB consortium is trialling a DAB+ network

The Innovators: AI voice technology for broadcast: A professional audio perspective

The use of AI voice technology is a tempting prospect for broadcasters, but there’s a lot to consider when looking for professional audio quality

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A finger touches a car touchscreen, releasing a variety of multicoloured icons

The power of a common voice for radio

Radio does not have a common voice, but it should. Here is an example of what happens when radio broadcasters — often competitors — put aside technical differences and present a unified front

A robot hand grabbing an old fashioned mic

AI in news threatens trust

AI is a tempting tool for cash-strapped broadcasters, but it risks destroying something sacrosanct between broadcaster and listener: trust. Some major players are taking a stand that should inspire others to be more responsible