Friday September 22, 2023
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Triton releases U.S. podcast listener numbers

Triton has released US podcast listening numbers for the period between July 31 and Sept. 3, 2023

Broadcast Technology Roadshow to visit Plymouth

The roadshow is of special interest to broadcast technology users in Devon and Cornwall

Tieline ViA codec setup in commentary positions’ prior to football matches

Juventus F.C. broadcasts live football with Tieline ViA

Italy’s premier football team relies on this robust codec for its audio broadcasts

RFmondial, radio frequency monitors, digital radio signal monitors, RF-SE, RF-DAB

RFmondial announces FM and AM monitoring options

RFmondial recently announced new analog FM and AM monitoring options for its RF-SE and RF-DAB signal monitors

Ferncast to host post-IBC webinar

The free webinar will feature the company's latest products and services

Leo Boruett

Kenya’s radio scene gets busy

In just two decades, Kenya's radio sector has burgeoned from a handful of stations with highly censored radio content to more than 200 active commercial and community stations. But it’s not healthy.