Tuesday December 5, 2023
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The Solutioneers 2023 Cover

Introducing Solutioneers 2023 by RedTech

Meet the companies and personalities breaking barriers in creativity and innovation

iRadio Ireland Logo

Bauer Media Audio finalizes iRadio purchase

Says the move extends its reach in Ireland, to more than 2.1 million listeners every week

Stephanie Hirst at Radio TechCon 2023

Radio TechCon 2023: Opportunity and change

This year's event delivered on its mission to highlight the future of radio technology, take a moment to look back on the past and throw in some surprises

An image of a robot hand adjusting the level of a fader on an audio mixing console

It’s about additional value

Much talk about AI in radio focuses on how it will replace humans; that undershoots the technology’s considerable potential

CRA comments on new communications legislation

CRA hopes it will soon see a similar regime introduced for radio prominence

Radio Cazin in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radio Cazin upgrades with AEQ

The Bosnian radio station chose AEQ's Forum central console and Audio Plus automation system