Thursday June 1, 2023
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Genelec 8381A, loudspeaker, studio monitor

Genelec gets big with 8381A

The company has released the 8381A studio and audiophile speaker

ENCO helps students master radio

The company's software solutions help students with minimal technical expertise

NOA to address AES archiving conference

NOA will speak on the metadata collected when digitizing audio files

Brandy Bayern 1

Brandy helps Bayern 1 evolve

The Brussels sonic branding specialist has created station IDs, show openers and promo beds for market leading Bayern 1 in Bavaria, Germany

Genelec strengthens MEA distribution network

The company is expanding its reach into the professional and home audio markets across Southern Africa and throughout the GCC

Edison Research launches podcast metrics in U.K.

The company says the metrics will provide show-level information

RedTech Magazine Sept./Oct. 2021

The digital edition of the RedTech Magazine September/October 2021 is now online. You can also download it for free! In this issue we explore what’s on tap for Radiodays Europe, how broadcasters can ensure staff safety, best practices for remote