Saturday December 2, 2023
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An image of a robot hand adjusting the level of a fader on an audio mixing console

It’s about additional value

Much talk about AI in radio focuses on how it will replace humans; that undershoots the technology’s considerable potential

CRA comments on new communications legislation

CRA hopes it will soon see a similar regime introduced for radio prominence

Radio Cazin in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radio Cazin upgrades with AEQ

The Bosnian radio station chose AEQ's Forum central console and Audio Plus automation system

FuboTV and Super Hi-Fi launch radio stations

The partnership sees the launch of ten radio stations on the streaming sports channel

The U.S. Senate AI Insight Forum

NAB’s LeGeyt addresses US Senate AI Insight Forum

The NAB president raised concerns about the lack of attribution in AI-generated outputs

Futuri Media, RCS, artificial intelligence for broadcast, SpotOn, Futuri AudioAI

RCS to handle select Futuri products internationally

Futuri Media has signed an international distribution deal with RCS for Futuri's AudioAI and SpotOn products