Thursday March 23, 2023
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Interior of Soundon’s new OB truck

Soundon makes recording a snap with Genelec

The Finnish sound recording specialist has recreated the audio design of its original OB unit with a 5.1 Genelec surround setup

Ad Vandebeek, chairman of PXL Radio; Ben Lambrechts, general manager of PXL University College; Veerle Schuyten, head of the PXL-Media and tourism department; student Ellen Nagtegals; Bjorn Verhoeven, PXL Radio ambassador; and student Bono Marting.

Journalism students experience “live” on PXL Radio

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ new radio station gives journalism students the hands-on training they need for careers in radio broadcasting

2023 NAB Show to feature own radio station — MaxxRadio

The station will broadcast across Las Vegas for the duration of the show

CRA Mental Health

Commercial radio comes together for mental health

The "You’re the Voice" initiative is supported by major radio networks and was launched on the UN International Day of Happiness

Solutioneers - France icon

Up close: France’s radio market

The most important opportunity for France DAB+ since the FM band is saturated, so DAB+ allows the emergence of new services and the extension of coverage areas for existing radio stations