Saturday November 26, 2022

CRA appoints new chair

Ciaran Davis has been a director of the CRA Board since 2018

Nautel announces nug@NAB 2023 date

Registration for the pre-NAB Radio Technology Forum is complimentary

Triton releases Canada podcast ranker for October

There has been little change in the top-ranked podcasts

The Sound Rush Studio

Genelec is custom designed for Hardstyle

Netherlands DJ duo Sound Rush has built a custom-designed home studio with Genelec monitors and GLM software

Siren Awards Salute “Cold Campaign”

Round 2 of Australia’s 2022 Siren Awards for excellence and creativity in commercial radio advertising should send a shiver up your spine. Wunderman Thompson, Perth, emerged the winners for a powerful radio ad: “The Cold Campaign,” which aims to raise